Impressions of Copenhagen (September 2018)

On a recent short trip to Copenhagen I was able to frame up some beautiful architecture.

Below are some of the images I made. The images are part of a series I call “Impressions of Copenhagen”.

The first image is from Industriens Hus (roughly “House of Industry”). A quite remarkable glass-facade house that has neon lights that animate during the dark hours.

Apex II
Impressions of Copenhagen

The next two images are from the Blue Planet planetarium in Copenhagen. It is quite a beautiful exterior facade which in a way is more interesting, architecturally speaking, than the interior design and architecture. When framed without other elements and people, it has a surreal aesthetic.

Monochromatic Planet I
Impressions of Copenhagen

Monochromatic Planet II
Impressions of Copenhagen

Images made with my trusty travel camera, the Fujifilm X-T2.

Images are available for purchase upon request.